"Our project spanned all the seasons and we were so impressed by Sam’s team working hard through driving rain, freezing cold and baking summer sun. They always had a happy spirit throughout the work and managed to maintain a friendly atmosphere during the whole project. Now our project is finished and we are delighted with the results. The team's long hours and careful workmanship, have really paid off for us. We love being inside our new kitchen/dinning room and it has truly given us our long-hoped for joy in our retirement. We love the outside too with it’s natural Cedar cladding and the large decking. The carpentry is so well done and makes us really happy as we put the whole building to real life use."
~ The Ashfields - Rhandir llangeitho

Rhandir – Llangeitho

A unique timber frame extension designed by Catalina architecture, build to house a new kitchen and dining area. Providing sweeping views of the rural countryside with the large windows and complimenting its surroundings.

Designed using a rising ridge beam creating an almost curved roof. The thick insulation used right through the building envelope creates a warm space that requires minimal heating. Externally it was finished with Black tin roof and Vertical Cedar cladding sitting neatly on a timber decking.