This means honesty to the customer and team members. Reducing the carbon foot print of the site wherever possible, minimizing the harm to the environment. Working on each project with the same dedication as the last no matter of scale. Being true to the heritage or design of the building with Integrity to the materials and the process.


We firmly believe that success of a project in the end, will come down to good management and skilled people on the ground. Build Wales has a commitment to the client in making sure that nothing is overlooked, by being able to focus on the finite details as well as the bigger picture, delivering the job on time and within budget. We are committed to constant learning and improvement through-out the company, striving to keep the effective communication between the site supervisors, operatives and management fluid at all times.


This is engrained in every team member and through-out every site we run with highest quality workmanship, procedures and safety at the forefront. We have worked hard to be granted three ISO certifications along with ‘Acclaim’ health and safety and ‘construction line’ certification. We will endeavour keep the impeccable health and safety record that currently stands, being at the cutting edge of legislation and regulations.


Our Vision is to be one the largest and most trusted construction companies in Wales, developing a culture that keeps its roots grounded as the team expands. Striving to constantly improve customer experience and learning capabilities.

We believe in building a legacy that people will recognise to have longevity and stability, always delivering on promises and staying true to the Company values.

Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.


At Build Wales people are at heart of everything we do. We have created a positive working environment that is engrained in the company culture; supporting our united team. Making the most of their individual talents and helping them realise their full potential with the training and skills needed to strive.

We know that the only way the industry will move forward as a whole is by teaching the next generation of tradesman and managers, we have always excelled in this area by taking on new apprentices working with ‘Cyfle’ and ‘CITB’ helping them to develop their chosen career.

This all helps to create a forward thinking and dynamic company that can tackle any problem that arises, with excellent communication and support though-out, leading to project success.